PRDRP Trail #4

Please join us October 18th for the fourth running (walkers welcome) of the PRDRP Hash House Harriers!

Hare: Chiquita and the Ass Supper

Hash cash: $5. Virgins always free!

Why: Cause we’re not happy till you’re happy. Beer, brown bags, and all sorts of libations.

Where: Sobo 151 Czech Bar and Grill.

Time: As early as you like to drink on a Thursday. Hares Away and Chalk Talk at 6:30pm, and Hounds follow at 7:00pm. We’ll Swing Low and head(!) back into the bar by 9:00pm.

Length: about 2.69 miles

Dog Friendly: YES

Shiggy: 0.69

Safety third! Don’t forget your whistle, headlamp, pink attire (shirts, tutus, dresses, etc.)

Drink Specials: Drinking is special

On after: Gary Lee’s Motor Club and Grub (right across the street from Sobo)



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