Welcome to the PRDRP H3 website home of the Platte River Dirty River Pirates Hash House Harriers. Here you will find everything you need to take part in Denver’s Thursday chapter of the world’s largest “drinking club with a running problem.” We  run usually no more than a 3 mile trail through the great city of Denver’s streets, alleys, parks, and our namesake the Platte River. Afterwards we conduct an entertaining ceremony known as “the circle” where we enjoy cold beer and some good laughs.

We’re a very social group. Our members come from all walks of life, all age groups (21+) and all abilities of running from slow to fast. Our one and only goal is to enjoy libations together, sing songs, and often raise money for local charities through dress runs 🙂

Welcome and On-On!

To learn about the History of the Hash House Harriers this link will provide the necessary info and to find out when our next trail is go to the Hareline.

You can also find us on Facebook too Platte River Dirty River Pirates Hash House Harriers.